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Planning The Breeding Season

May 1st breeding is the 8th of February calving!The key to compact calving is to calve 90% of heifers in February. They will then have a greater opportunity of remaining in the herd for 5...

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Munster AI Active Sires List 2016

The Munster Sires dominating EBI list: The No.1 EBI is Whisper FR2056 while the No.2 EBI is Andrew YAB, other sires within the top 10 include Curra Royal Conor, Vandike FR2024 and Luke FR2079.Click on the link...

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Fresh Programme 2016

Today is the start of The Fresh Programme 2016! You heat detect & call for an AI and we look after the rest.The programme will offer you the chance to get exceptional value for money. Click on the link...

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Late Calvers And Cows Yet To Calve

Prevent these cows going into negative energy balance in the week before calving and in the 1st eight weeks post calving. Avoid restricting intakes of cows regardless of BCS in the last 10 days pre...

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